Custom orders, pre-made printables and articles to buy for use on your personal website or e-store, and much more!


Virtual Phonics and Reading Coach

Enjoy coaching/tutoring assistance (via Skype, Whatsapp, iPhone Facetime or Zoom webinar) in helping new readers improve their skills through creative and fun learning games, activities and exercises that keep them engaged and develop healthy reading habits. Available for beginners to advanced readers of any age. Our program can increase abilities in phonics, reading comprehension, sight word recognition, spelling, and even handwriting or typing skills.

Custom or Pre-Designed Printables & Worksheets

Our service offer a wide range of creative possibilities including educational printables and worksheets and other themes. Calendars, frame-worthy artwork, printable board games or card games, dice games and matching games, educational practice sheets covering all subjects from ages PreK-Highschool and much more are all available for custom orders or choose from our pre-made selections. Exclusive licensing rights for resell value available with white label orders. Bulk larger ordes such as classroom/school licensing is also available.

Video Courses and Virtual Classrooms

Homeschoolers, Teachers, Daycare Centers, and other Educators: Switch up the normal classroom schedule and let your students enjoy being educated and entertained on a variety of subjects and topics through helpful and sometimes humorous videos. These short, but informative video lessons were captured both personally and professionally and developed with concentrated educational value as the top priority. Individual videos vary from free to $5. Access our full video library for just $7/month. Virtual Classroom offers students the opportunity to learn first hand with an instructor as they follow directions to perform tasks, build projects, try science experiments, and even solve math equations.


Social Media Management or Sharable Graphics

We offer monthly social media management, social media channel creation, creation and proper sizing of the profile and header images for your channels, arrange/name/create your Pinterest Boards, Design an eye-catching Instagram Profile, and offer social media graphics/images/memes/quotes to share and post on socials that are sharable content. Written content for socials and web also available. Research for popular viral content to share within your niche also available. Rates vary based on daily or weekly posting and size of audience. Replies to commenting and messages, setting security, spam protection, and posting all included. Rates start as low as $100/mo and range up to $1800/mo.


Building/Designing Websites

Get a high quality professional website designed with up to 5 pages for just $300. Add additional pages for $70 each. Monthly maintenance and minor adjustments available for $100/mo. Headers/graphics can be designed for an additional charge. $15-$25/image or $50/header.


Custom Mobile App Development

We build a custom native mobile app for your business with up to 30 full features for just $2199! Get a working mock-up to see your app in motion for $199. Once your happy with the results, we will apply the $199 to the final purchase price. Financing available. Popular app features include such favorites as Geo Fencing, GPS Mapping, Tell A Friend, Social Sharing, and much more! Delivery is usually 3 weeks. We also get your app approved and live on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Stores before delivery.


Growing, Learning, Exploring, Creating, Dreaming, Building, Reading, and More!


Personalized E-books For Kids

Imagination is one of the key elements to sparking a child's inner joy and creativity. Purchase a personalized e-book that will allow them to be the explorer or hero who conquers any challenge and visits exciting and unknown lands. See your child's name and image in the book with references to their favorite color or favorite animal, closest friends or relatives, and other fun facts included within the story. Click the button below to watch a slide show introducing our personalized e-books collection.


Choose from a variety of fun story themes! Buy 1 or try them all!

*Embark on a journey across the sea as you visit uncharted islands and encounter pirates, treasure and other rare creatures.

*Explore the mysteries of the universe engaging in battle against a terrible villain who plans to destroy the Earth and all its inhabitants. Use your superpowers soaring through space to save the Earth!

*Develop your inner strength, speed, and agility as you reach your full potential and become a Master Ninja!

*Save the city as you battle raging fires and experience the dangers and rewards of becoming a true Rescue Hero.